Fast Track to Aesthetics Course

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This Course Includes:

• Dermaplanning
• Skin peels
• Micro needling
• Anatomy and physiology level 3 & 4
• Complications (Advanced )
• First aid
• Dissolving/Anaphylaxis
• Advanced body dysmorphia
• Foundation filler training
• Lips (Basic)
• Foundation Wrinkle training (upper face)
• Crow’s feet
• Frown lines
• Forehead wrinkles
• Marionette lines
• Nasolabial folds
+ Bonus B12 Injections training course!

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START FROM SCRATCH! We can PROUDLY announce that this is the only course in the industry that can take you from total beginner with no previous experience to aesthetics practitioner in just ONE WEEK! This course has been created by our leading nurse trainers in the industry which means you are in safe hands when being taught how to safely and effectively carry out injectable treatments. Due to our high standards of education and our fantastic online education portal, we are now able to offer this fast track course and also to be in partnership with the UKS leading beauty and aesthetics insurance provider, which gives you the peace of mind that you won't struggle to find insurance! Once you sign up to your course ( deposits as little as £119) you are added onto our educational platform instantly which means you can get to work straight away ! You do not need to be a doctor, nurse or medical professional to enroll on the course! We got you girl!! Everyone deserves a chance at success!

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Practical Training Location

Manchester, England, Derry/Londonderry, Ireland

1 review for Fast Track to Aesthetics Course

  1. Laura Ashleigh

    You are probably here looking for reviews, just like I was two years ago..You wanted to know if it’s legit you wanted to know if this massive amount of money and massive chance that you’re taking is going to be worth it if you are going to feel confident after completing this. The short answer to that is book the course right now.

    Before I booked on this course I really struggled to find an in depth review for the fast track course..It’s a huge amount of money it’s probably the biggest expense of my life so far (£4,200) So please take that into consideration when you read this as it wasn’t easy to part with that amount of money and paying it off for two years before attending the academy has also been a struggle and I was terrified it would be a waste so bare that in mind when I say the price is WORTH IT.

    SIGNING UP- My best friend actually suggested this course and the original plan was that we did it together so that’s how I found out about the academy and after A LOT of research and I mean months of research calling insurance companies “is this academy real” you hear so many horror stories about girls getting trained by someone who isn’t even quailed themselves and then their certificates are completely invalid and they can’t get insured.

    I thought about it for months and then one day Kirsty went live on Facebook and she really delved into why she started this business went deeper into her own personal WHY than I’ve ever seen anyone do online she talked about her background and I really resonated with it and I paid my deposit within the hour I think.

    I was booked on the course by Becky who has been the most patient person in the world I’ve literally been picking her brain for years now 🤣 The second you pay your deposit you have access to the portal which has all your course materials as well as demo videos. This is an amazing resource and you have lifetime access to

    Day 1- I traveled from Newcastle to Manchester (£340 of my accommodation was covered by the academy) we all got introduced I met the other girl completing the fast track course and we have really bonded. Day 1 is all about skin and facials. In the morning you complete your theory in the afternoon you perform the ultimate facial which is Chemical peel /dermaplanning / microneedling

    Trudy is so so lovely and she started as a girl boss student herself I think both the tutors were very patient and so knowledgeable and also they make sure you understand it. Trudy demonstrates the facial and then we took it in turns to be assessed
    The steps for this facial were insane there’s a lot but ! somehow when you’re in the chair you just do it and it all sinks in.

    Day 2- we met the lovely Helena for dermal filler theory and she is so patient if you’re like me and you’ve scared yourself with all of the complications that can happen with this treatment she will make sure you understand it and she will go over and over it until you do. We completed our dermal filler assignment on this day also. Lunch is provided on this day and Helena performs the demo at the end of the day. We also learned first aid

    day 3 – THE BIG DAY Dermal filler practical day was nerve wrecking especially as I was actually the first model for the other girl on the course (hey! I’m on an aesthetics course I wasn’t gonna turn down the chance of some filler) 🤣 This was also Valentine’s Day and the girls got us cupcakes Helena got us a chocolate rose. On this day we had 3 models each and on the last one we were assessed. We learned classic lips / nasal folds / marionettes

    Day 4- Anti wrinkle / B12 theory On day 4 we were joined by another girl we all got on really well we were all motivated to do the same thing and encourage eachother. We completed the theory side of toxin and completed our assignments we also practiced on dummy heads and a fake arm for b12 as well as marking eachother up for where we would inject for practice.

    Day 5- The final day. Helena demonstrates anti wrinkle on a model. The three of us then took turns on having two models each. We then finally at the end of the day had a model for b12. All of us passed and we all the put on the famous pink gowns!!

    I can’t stress enough how confident I feel I was scared I wouldn’t feel able to complete the treatments I’ve learned but I do! I want to give a special mention to Helena she has motivated me and believed in me!!
    If you’re thinking of doing this course do it!

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