About Girl Boss Academy

Well HELLO GIRL BOSS (or hopefully future Girl Boss)!

Its Kirsty and Louise here, we are the CEOS of this amazing company. While we have you here we would just like to explain a little bit about who we are and what we do! If you will stay with us for a few minutes?

Life is funny really girls, i mean for us this all started with a facebook friend request ( true story lol). After a couple of years being facebook friends we bumped into each other at another training academy. We briefly shared our visions and instantly KNEW how like minded we were.

We decided we want to be SUCCESSFUL from that day on, the challenge was we didn’t have more than ten pound between us. We both grew up in really under privileged areas, money wasn’t something we had seen much of AND we were both mummies too. Times were HARD.. ( Can anyone relate?)

Anyway girls there is not enough space on this page to go into too much detail, but we are a great example to you girls who may be reading this, also feeling unfulfilled, fed up, lost…We get it..

We promise you that you don’t need a whole lot of money or support behind you, you just need that determination to FINALLY make some different decisions.

Girl Boss is now a multi million pound company and we have clinics and academies in both England and Ireland, We have 18 members of staff ( Still feels reallly weird saying that haha) AND WE PROMISE YOU when we tell you, we are TWO WOMEN ON A BLOODY MISSION!

We want to create Girl Bosses all over the world, it feels amazing seeing ladies go from struggling just like we were to SUCCESSFUL BAD ASS BOSSES! (Working when the frick they WANT TOO! May we add lol).

Creating successful women is what it’s all about Girl, what are you waiting for?



Become your own boss
“I walked away 100% confident…
If anyone is considering doing any courses, then I honestly couldn’t recommend these girls any more! Their energy is infectious and they naturally inspire and motivate everyone around them. The quality is second to none and I walked away 100% confident!
Amanda Cassidy, Student

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